Friday, April 10, 2009

John Gutzmer’s jeans club for men

John Gutzmer’s jeans club for men

John and Cara on the LasVegas strip
08/06/07 QuadCities golf tournament
Drew: Is that what you’re wearing
John: Yeah,
Drew: You know it’s like 100 degrees out
John: And…
Drew: And, we will be walking around a golf course…
And, you’re wearing jeans.
John: I’m good.

You see, John Gutzmer’s jeans club for men is not just for guys who like jeans… Hey who doesn’t. It’s more of a state of mind. Is it hot outside? Yes. Do you want to look like a little girl? Uh, no. And from these humble beginnings began John Gutzmer’s Jean’s club for men.

It is not that I have anything against shorts, they defiantly have their place, (bicycling, running, swimming), it is just that I would prefer to wear jeans. Why?.. Well I am glad you asked.

John at the palace at Versailes
Is there anything more comfortable than a well worn pair of Jeans. Apparently the more you wear them the better they conform to your body. Almost all of the jeans I wear have even have a worn spot that holds my wallet at a certain angle in my pants. (apparently that is where it goes

John ice skating on the lake
You want to crawl around under your house, or climb a tree. You are going to want some jeans. Putting on a roof, or walking around town… jeans. They are good for almost all tasks. They protect your skin from sharp things, and they encapsulate your legs with a soft delightful sheath of cotton... What more could you want.

John and the youth in Juarez Mexico on a 110 deg day
I have had some jeans that have had exceptionally long lives. I have thought about sending some of them back to Levi for breeding purposes. What other apparel could you use to crawl around on gravel, then shake the dust off and expect to wear the next day.

John and Cara at the City Museam on the 4th of July

I don’t try on jeans any more. I haven’t for 15 years. I do still shop around for deals, but I know what I am looking for… 34 32 550. And when I find them at the price I want, I usually buy several pairs. Girls may spend hours and days looking for pants and skirts, but guys have a number then can find in on the shelf and walk up to the register, no trying on, no hassle, find the number and check out.

John at the Venice Naval Museam

Yes. There is a downside. Sometimes it is hot, and other times it is really hot, and jeans are not known for their cool airiness. So what is one to do? Suck it up. Sure it is summer and it is 110 degrees with the sun beating down on you, but most of your body heat is concentrated around your head and your chest. So throw on a t-shirt and sweat it out. It will be worth it when your friends come up and ask if you are hot, and you can snidely reply “Yeah, I am…. ;) ”


Cara said...

too bad your club is just for men...I guess I'll have to wear regular pants like a...normal person.

Melissa said...

Girls have to spend hours trying on clothes because they don't make the sizes consistently. A size "X" of one brand may be too tight on you, but that same exact size of another brand might be huge. You just never know. It is pretty annoying if you ask me. Glad you've got a tried and true option.

Aimee said...

I'd like to dedicate this one to you:

I think this is your new theme song...forget freebird.

p.s. yes, I can sing along and know every word.