Thursday, December 13, 2007



So how is it possible that google is so freakin awesome? It seems that anytime I am going to do something I find out that there is already a google app to do it for me.

First of all gmail is awesome. I had to do something on my wife's Yahoo account the other day and I thought I was going to have a seizure. I was instantly accosted with pop ups, flashing adds, and side bar adds that defiantly border on inappropriate. Not that google doesn't have any adds they are just presented in a different way. Instead of trying to sell me something I don't want or "trick" me into visiting their site (no you will not win a free iPod), it is like they are trying to help me out w/ suggestions of things I might like. eg: I have several emails about SCBA, and gmail puts some small text adds for breathing apparatus in the side bar. I have an email about a pasta dinner, and gmail gives me some adds for pasta sauce and recipes. I would be worried about google stalking me, reading my email and looking over my shoulder, but I am comforted by the sheer volume of email. So yes the google Master Control Program (see Tron) is stalking you but it is also stalking everyone else and in all likeliness no human eyes will ever lay eyes on your email confirming your Penile enlargement procedure, but I'm sure google will still suggest several penile enlargement alternatives. Google does not want you to jump into anything uninformed.

So what about space? Well, I'm glad you asked. I am currently using 4% of 5.7GB. That may not mean much to you,but consider this. I have not ever deleted anything... sure a spam or two, but if you ever sent me something it is in there, and I am still at 4%. How about this, my work email for which the company pays enormous amounts of money gives me 100MB, and it sucks.
Gmail is 100% searchable with the google search engine that you know and love. My work email is 100% not serchable. So why wouldn't corporations just switch over to gmail? THEY CAN. In fact they can even use their own domain name for emails and chats, and whats more if they use the standard version... ITS FREE.

Did I mention there is an integrated chat program that doesn't suck. It's true, It's True. Gmail chat can either pop little chat windows into your gmail window or you can pop them out to their own window or you can use the standalone gmail chat window, and wait for it... It saves all of your chats with your mails so if someone gave you a phone # on im some time its still there in your saved chats you can go and find and and you can even seach them just like you can with your emails. If you want to chat w/ out the MCP watching (see above) you can turn it off. How great is that?

Whats better is you do not have to install anything. In fact you do not have to install anything for any of the google apps they all run conveniently from your browser (that think you are using to read this blog). That means that you can use it on any computer anywhere, and no fancy ports to configure with your firewall, no versions to upgrade, no unwanted addons that try to slipstream into the installs. Just what you want quick and easy.

Why doesn't everyone use it?
I don't know
It was a rhetorical question

Oh an they have a blog service too, in fact you are reading it right now, and it is surprisingly easy to set up, and it all uses your same credentials, and it is surprisingly easy to add content, and...

Well it is clear that this is not going to all fit into 1 entry (or should not), but I thought it only fair that this should be the first entry since google did give me the blog. Lets rename this one:
I ♥ GOOGLE (1 of 5)

That should give me some time to rant about some other things before revisiting my man-crush on google services, though, this does seem like a pretty good start.

Oh, one more thing.
All of it, the maps, the chats, the mail , the blog, the web space all free. All they ask in return is your love, and if it wouldn't kill you, you could click on one of those adds once in a while.

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Cara said...

Is google paying you for this?